Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More of the same

September was my last post and I wish I could say that I found a magical cure and all is well. It's not. I continue to have a psoas that simply will NOT release through physical therapy. My glutes have all but shut down again and I struggle to remain pain-free. I have good days and bad but mostly have limited my activities to ensure more good days than bad.

I am still seeing a physical therapist once a week who does a psoas release. An interesting discovery - when we can get my psoas to calm down, my adductor immediately flares up and vice versa. Frustrating! And, I am still seeing my active isolated stretching guru who just looks at me and says - you need a psoas release. :-) Thank goodness for both of these people. I am sure I would not be walking if it weren't for both of them!

And, to add insult to injury, my health insurance PPO is changing as of January 1 so that Dr. P and the entire system in Vail will be out of network for me. Lovely, huh? It won't stop me from heading back out to see him but I will need to put some extra cash in the bank to finance it. I am also working on a potential plan to visit someone in Vancouver who I have on good authority has helped another hip patient who was struggling a bit. I'll keep you posted on that one - thanks Kelly!!

The recovery continues. I remain hopeful that my left will match my right sometime very soon!!

Stay tuned.