Thursday, May 5, 2011

Two weeks since shot

It's been two weeks since "the needle" and I was hoping to feel on top of the world by now. Not to be. I still have pain and stiffness in my left hip which is made much worse by doing any sort of walking. :-( Since my travel schedule is unusually amped up right now and I can't get anywhere without first going through Atlanta it seems, my hip is protesting as loudly as it can about all of the walking. I got a little relief at first but that seems to have worn off. Boo!!!

I have also started to wonder about the simple body mechanics of having a psoas release done on one side and not the other. Since it is not equal on each side of the body, wouldn't that be likely to cause problems? Seems logical to me but I have absolutely no facts to base that on.

I have also been really down thinking about how limited my activities and life has been since surgery -- 2 years ago. And, since I can't get it fixed this year, it is likely to be 3 years before I have any real quality of life back. If I think about it for too long, I can reach a state of extreme sadness. And, since the magical shot doesn't seem to be providing much relief, I am even more pessimistic about my limited activities until I can get it fixed. Grrrrrrrr!!! Too much life passing me by without my full participation. My brain screams for me to just do what I want but my body punishes me when I do. What's a girl to do?

Dreaming about the days when I am without pain!