Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Third time's a charm?

I just got off the phone with Dr. Philippon's office. I have my appointment times for the day before surgery and am getting all of my pre-op testing information mailed to me. Suddenly, 7 months have gone by and surgery is real again. Wow! I don't know what else to say. I am scheduled for a psoas release and scar tissue removal but am prepared for everything up to and including micro-fracture. (she says so cavalierly as a bead of sweat appears on her forehead).

In some ways I can't wait to get this done and over. In other ways, I am scared to death and want to put it off as long as possible. I am a BIG baby when it comes to anesthesia and pain and I know I am about to look both of them squarely in the eye. Ugh!

HOWEVER, we have had an abnormally warm spring here so I decided to work in my yard one weekend. I felt so great about all of my accomplishments -- cleaned out flower beds, dug up an old bush and planted a new one, picked up sticks, etc. I paid for it dearly!!! In fact, I had to walk with a crutch for 4 days because I had a muscle spasm or something that wouldn't allow me to bear weight or really even stand up straight on my left side. I was miserable and if I could have had surgery at that very moment, I would have. So, I am probably a bit more motivated than I was a month ago.

In preparation for my trip I have most everything done. Since I am only spending 3 weeks this time and flying out and back, the prep doesn't seem nearly as overwhelming. Maybe I'm just experienced this time and it's not so scary. I have some work details to finish up and then my focus is going to be getting back to 100% so I really can live my life again.

I found out this week that the PT I saw most at Howard Head is leaving and that sent me for a loop but I am just as confident that someone else will take good care of me. Since I have been struggling with this crazy hip for so long, my fitness level has suffered. It makes me very sad to have watched those beautiful strong muscles slowly fade but I am looking forward to building them up again and getting back on my bike!

So, here I go again. Let's hope that third time's a charm!!