Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Freedom At Last!

Ok, ok I get it. I haven't posted in a long time and those of you who have been following my progress are curious. :-) First of all, please let me just say THANKS to all who have posted or emailed to say hi and wonder how I am doing. Your support and positive comments have meant a lot to me and I feel way more loved and supported just knowing that you are out there ---even though I wouldn't know you if I met you at Starbuck's. HA!! And, everyone please give a little "wooohooo" because it is true - the reason I haven't been blogging about this is because I have been out living my life again -- FINALLY!!! I had another injection with Dr. Philippon on August 29 and I have felt great ever since. i kept waiting for this one to wear off and the nagging pain return but it's now mid-October and NO pain. My range of motion is improving weekly and I have been released from physical therapy. In fact, I have entered into the strength building phase of this recovery now and have hired a personal trainer to help me with that goal. There are many, many things that I am able to do again - elliptical, biking hills, hiking for a limited time, etc. and there are other things that I am still working up to -- rowing, hiking long distances, mountain biking and golf. I finally feel like I will make it and all of my hip problems will be a distant memory!! I went to Utah a few weeks ago and decided to try hiking in Arches National Park. I was really nervous but decided there was only one way to find out how far along I was in recovery. I did quite a bit of hiking before I had a "hip twinge" but realized the reason was due to the weak muscles in my legs and the resulting fatigue. I realized they were no longer properly supporting my hip and that was the reason for the "twinge". I rested the following day and had absolutely no lingering pain or after effects. Again -- another wooohooo moment. Life is good! My right hip continues to be perfect and my left is working hard to catch up to it! I see no reason why it won't. To all other hip patients who may find this blog and continue to read this blog -- keep the faith! It's been a long, long journey for me but with Dr. Philippon, Howard Head and St Vincent Sports Performance Center I am gong to be fine --- no better than fine! I probably won't post much after this as I plan to take advantage of every single day and use these two good hips for as long as I can. Sending positive hip energy into the universe for all who need it!!! April