Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Show Me the Money

My frustration level has reached an all time high today. I have resisted the urge to get this off my chest in my blog but I am in a particularly bad mood today and nothing will make me feel better except bitching publicly. So here goes. . . . .

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I had to pay Dr. Philippon up front because they were afraid that my insurance company wouldn't cover the cost of surgery. So, on April 22, I willingly handed over my credit card and they posted a rather sizable charge to it. Ouch, crap but ok, I was going to have my hip fixed and it's just money, right?

So, the trials and tribulations of working through the health insurance nightmare began in earnest in July. The claim for Dr. P was filed on 5/12 and paid on 6/16. The tricky part came because they also billed for Dr. P's fellow (Dr King) and the insurance company said that this was a surgery that did not require 2 surgeons and so they disallowed the total bill. Dr. P's office asked for a review which finally resulted in a nominal amount being paid. All insurance payments were made by the end of August. The majority of the bill, however, was for Dr. Philippon which was paid on JUNE 16.

Today is NOVEMBER 17 -- almost 7 months after my surgery and 2 1/2 months after all insurance payments have been made and I still don't have any of MY money back. And, let's say it's not for not trying. I have called 5 times to request payment. The first two were met with, "we are still waiting on the last payment from the insurance company and we do not make any payments until everything is resolved with insurance." Ok I say. So, I get my EOB showing that all claims have been resolved, wait 3 weeks thinking that a check will magically appear and nothing. I call the end of September and am told that a check will be issued shortly. Nothing. I call on October 23 and am told there are no notes showing that I have called but they will put a rush on my check. Great I say, about how long should that take? 3 week maximum they say. November 13 - 3 weeks from when they told me they would put a rush on it - still no check so I call again. Well, we put a rush on it on October 23 I am told. "I can send this to the supervisor of the area that issues the checks. Would you like me to do this?" she says. Hell yes, actually what I would like for you to do is go stand there until someone issues a check to me. Seriously people. If the situation were reversed, they would have sent me to a collection agency by now and my credit would be ruined but all I can do is call and continue to ask them to give me what they owe me. Frustrating? You bet!!! Pissed off? Absolutely!! And, just to be clear, we are not talking hundreds of dollars; we are talking thousands of dollars -- no small sum. It hurts!!

Am I ecstatic to have my hip fixed?. . . hell yes!! Would I pay up front again if I had to do it all over? .. . hell yes!! But come on, enough is enough when it comes to screwing around with returning what I am rightfully owed.


Anonymous said...

YOU GO GIRL!!!!! :) You have every right to be frustrated. This is such a common situation, unfortunately. And you are so right.....you'd be in collection with a ruined credit status if the tables were turned. Keep us posted on this.

Anonymous said...

Just came across your blog and wondered what kind of costs you endured since having your surgery done with Mr. Pioneer. I am 48years old and have been just recently diagnoised with a labral tear rt.hip. This after a very long time of mis-diagnoisis. ANyhow wondered how you managed to do this inVail as I am pretty scared of the surgery and not sure how I would manage this. DId you rent a house or something.

Any details how you being a pro with 2-got along, recovery, etc. recovery outside of your own home etc.