Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One Week AP (after Philippon)

It's been one week since I saw Dr. Philippon and got the shot. I guess in some ways, I think Dr. Philippon is capable of nothing short of a miracle. :-) If I had to admit it, deep down inside I always think that my hip will be better just by the fact that Dr. Philippon looked at it.

So, I have been diligently doing all of my assigned PT exercises - 2 times per day in fact. I think I can feel my gluteus medius getting stronger as I write this. HA!! Maybe it's the placebo effect of being at Howard Head and having the physical therapy team tell me that they think I can solve this through exercise and stretching but I actually do feel the tiniest bit better. I went for a walk last night and worked in my garden a little and wasn't in excruciating pain so I think that's an improvement. I am cautiously optimistic I will say. I am still having lower back pain but that could be from what I found out last week is, "narrowing joint space in my lower spine". Ugh!!!

And, under the category of, "when it rains; it pours", I came home from Colorado to find my toilet in my 1/2 bath leaking. The plumber was out yesterday and reported that, when the previous owners put in the hardwood floors, the toilet was not set properly and that is has been leaking for some time. I need to call a contractor to check my subfloor and get my hardwood floor replaced. That, of course, after I call my insurance agent. Ugh!!! And, on top of everything else, I am starting a pretty intense travel schedule for work. Great!! There may not be a toilet in there for some time to come.

And, lastly, for all of my fellow hip pain sufferers - I bought a memory foam mattress topper for my bed - 3" thick - because I was having so much trouble getting comfortable at night to sleep. I found that if I stayed in one place too long, I would wake up from the pain. I am pleased to report - NO MORE! I love this thing. No more waking up and I am pretty sure that I don't move much at all during the night. It is marvelous. It provides a perfect cushion and I no longer feel the pressure of lying on a hip or a stiff back from lying too long on my back. I can highly recommend it. I bought mine at Sam's Club but I have seen them at Costco and online at If you are having trouble sleeping, it could be the best $150 you ever spent.

On a completely different note, it's going to be 96 here today with another day of a heat advisory. I am so over this!!! It's so humid that the windows are wet on my house. There is no end in sight and it's making me more than a bit crabby. I looked at the calendar today and instead of lamenting the fact that summer is almost over, I considered doing my happy dance. Bring on fall!


Noell Blevins said...

wow! Thanks for the tip on the mattress! Bummed we didn't connect when you were out :(

Sagette V. Embden said...

Hey April! How are you? Hope you are doing well. Wanted to let you know that your blog inspired me so much when I had to do my bilateral hips last year, that I am now writing my own to help teenagers who have to go through the surgery. It's about my littler sisters FAI surgery with dr. p if you want to follow it.

Hope you are doing well.
Thanks again

Kim said...

Glad to hear things are improving. Keep up your great spirit. Houses will always be a pain.

azdre78 said...

Thanks so much for the blog. I had a labral repair with one of Dr P's fellows 2 years ago, and at about 10 months, I am convinced that I got another tear. Same symptoms have returned that I had for 5 years prior to the repair. Anywho, I definitely hope to head up to Vail to get my second and hopefully last surgery. Please keep blogging, it's soooo helpful!!!!

Patti Stirk said...

I had surgery with Philippon in Pbrgh in March 2002. It's better for sure but the psoas is still tight. Hip doesn't impinge any more though.

One thing that frightens me is he made a comment that when one labrum tears the other one usually has the same weaknesses & follows suit.

My other side is throwing off weird feelings and giving me a sore back, makes me wonder...

Hang tough, keep blogging!
Patti in PA