Tuesday, June 5, 2012

4 weeks out

Today I am celebrating! I got to turn in the calf pumps today and I am thrilled to not have my legs sweat through the night and the whirring sound of the motor as it pumps and deflates the cuffs. I didn't think they were too bad when I first had to wear them but I soon grew tired of them and sleeping with them for the last night was almost unbearable. :-) And, I am able to decrease my time in the cpm to just 2 hours per day. It feels like I have just gotten some of my time back. It's not much but 2 to 4 hours a day is a lot to gain right now with all of the other things I am doing. Yay!! Real progress at last. I have been walking 50% weight bearing for almost a week now. It feels good . . still a little unstable and my hip still feels tight but it feels good enough that I have forgotten to grab my crutches a couple of times and have started to walk unassisted. This is the week that I start upping my weight on my left side until I am walking without crutches on Sunday. Scary!!! There's no real pain with any movement but I am still definitely stiff and tight and lots of muscles still don't really want to work very hard. I always forget how long it takes to get everything back into good working order after this surgery. Since I am not the most patient person in the world, I want it all now. Ugh!!! The medical bills have started to come in. One word -- SCARY!!! And, it seems to be a full time job to review what was submitted, how it was submitted and what I am responsible for. They come fast and furious in the mail every day. It's a little overwhelming. So far insurance has paid for most. There is one large one, however, that the insurance only paid $2500 out of $17,000. I am worried about a potential $15,000 bill coming my way. Ugh! We'll see on that one. Everything else looks good though. Ok, off to my busy day of circumduction, pt and a gelato as a reward!!


Anonymous said...

Have been following you since the beginning. Glad things are looking up. Hopefully this is it!

Anonymous said...


Just found your blog. Dr. P did my right hip a month ago. I am now 28 days out and improving. The details of your surgeries and recoveries are EXTREMELY helpful to me, even though your symptoms are different and problems different. Nonetheless, it is always so helpful to hear about another hip saga. I tore my Labrum 33 years ago playing college soccer (no one know what it was: "you have a pulled groin". Managed the pain and deterioration through years of PT, chiropractic, light exercise, etc. But finally had to get it done. I almost waited too long as Dr. P wasn't sure he could help me. I too, live in MORTAL fear of scar tissue, but so far so good. I can walk without a limp for about a minute or two, and then my Glute Minimus acts up and screams.
Anyway, I hope your recovery continues apace.
Sending you good thoughts.