Monday, July 16, 2012


10 weeks post surgery and many, many up's and down's. Ugh! It started out so easy and then changed so quickly once I started walking. My own personal theory is that I still have lots of old, bad patterns that need to be broken but it certainly is scary! I am back in Colorado today to see Dr. Philippon and find out what's going on. I saw Brooke yesterday in PT and she could definitely see an issue with my walk. My left side is inflamed and it's higher and way more guarded than my right. She did a ton of work on my adductor and it seemed to help a bit. It's so tight that she bruised me trying to work out a knot she said was the size of a quarter. Yikes!!! Could it be that easy? I so hope so. On a positive note, I have been working really hard on my glutes and am having some great success. I know I still have farther to go but I am starting to see and feel some actual muscle again. YAY!!! I'll post again today after I see Dr. Philippon. I'm always buoyed by his confidence and enthusiasm and that's much needed today. Later!

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Mouse said...

I'm rooting for you, Kid! Heal fast!