Friday, March 27, 2009

26 days to go

I talked with Dr. Philippon's office yesterday to get appointment times cofirmed and got the bad news that my health insurance company has been regularly screwing them out of money so I have to pay up front. Yikes!!!! It's not exactly what I wanted to hear but given the choice between losing much of my hard earned cash and pain, I'll gladly give up the cash. I got a huge packet of information yesterday, made appointment with my dr's here to get all the pre-surgery testing completed and am still counting down the days. Let's hope the economy improves so I get to keep my job and replenish my savings account in the coming months.

Hip pain is somewhat better today. . . at least tolerable. It has been throbbing for the past 2 days so a little relief today is much appreciated.

And, if I haven't already said so, thank God or whoever sent him, for my friend Bill. He is giving me his ski place for the entire 6 weeks that I am out there. I am not sure that he knows this but I will be forever in his debt!

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