Friday, April 3, 2009

Still counting down

Ok. It's been a week since I last posted. Sorry! I have a really great excuse because my sister has been in town and she makes me drink and forget to do things. :-) Are you buying that?

So, here's the update. I was just noticing this morning that I am not having much hip pain. It's kind of like the noise in your car that disappears the moment you pull into the mechanic's bay. Now I am fantasizing about seeing Dr. Philippon on April 22 and having him tell me that it's healed itself and sending me on my way with some fabulous physical therapy (I am picturing a big, strapping physical therapist named Hans with the piercing blue eyes). Deep down I know it's crazy talk but a girl can dream, right?

As of today, I have 10 office days left (and I am in a total state of panic over that). Many things to do and not enough time to get them all done.

I am seeing a lawn service this weekend and having that strange new noise in my furnace looked at and getting the stray leaves from the winter picked up. Oh yeah and I am working out like crazy and trying to have a little fun at least. All of my friends are trying to see me before I leave. Do you think they think I am never coming back????

Everything is set with Dr. Philippon's office. I am still waiting to hear whether or not the physical therapy place is a PPO with my insurance. That could be a HUGE wrinkle for me. Worst case scenario is that I stay out there for 2 weeks and do physical therapy and pay non-PPO rates (YIKES) and then fly home to do the remainder. Not ideal but it may be all I can afford to do. Stay tuned on that one.

3 weeks from today, I will be one day post-op, drugged up on Vicodin and looking forward to scheduling my canyoneering trip!!

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