Saturday, March 20, 2010

An angry psoas

It's been quite a while since I posted. I hope you know that means that things have been going well. So here I am . . . . back again. Uh oh.. . what does that mean? It means I am having an issue and am curious if anyone else is experiencing this after surgery.

(close your ears Noell) I did a boot camp class in January that I probably wasn't ready for. Well, let me rephrase that. I did a boot camp class in January that I would have been ok to do had my competitive spirit not kicked in and made me try to keep up with the rest of the class who had been doing this for several months. . . even years. Fall behind? No way!!! Kill myself keeping up? Absolutely!!

So, the end result is that my supporting hip muscles tightened and I ignored them and kept trying to work out and push through. The end result -- a VERY angry psoas, back spasms, muscle relaxers and vicodin. Ouch!!!!

When Dr. Philippon did my first hip surgery 7 years ago, he automatically did a psoas release. When he did my left hip last year, I asked if he was planning to do a psoas release on my left and he said that he didn't routinely do them but would check it to see if he thought it needed it. He did not do a release during surgery. My piriformis and psoas have been the most stubborn muscles to keep in check during my recovery. My psoas was problematic before surgery but now it will still flare up with the slightest provocation.

I think back on my right hip surgery and I felt like I was 100% recovered at a year. I will be a year from surgery on April 23 and I still feel like I am fighting through some post surgery issues -- my adductor still complains occasionally and now the angry psoas. Ok, I know I am 50 now not 43 but can it make that big of a difference???

I am seeing my physical therapist again and am getting everything back in line and am feeling much better but I want to be 100% and not thinking about these issues.

So, anyone out there have any tips for keeping my back in line? Specifically piriformis and psoas. I would welcome any advice!!

It's been absolutely beautiful in Indy for the past several days - those first spring days when it's in the 60's, sunny and you can smell spring in the air. All I can think about is getting out to hike, bike and play outside. I realized that this time last year I was totally freaking out about leaving for 7 weeks in Colorado, It seems like years ago and it seems like only yesterday. I am so happy to have that past me!!

So, online, e-hip family -- thoughts?????


james said...

i am 6 months into rehab from
FIA.done in nyc by DR. Kelly for me it was the opposite, my adductors did not fire correctly, i am a big sports guy, had no problems after surgury, just the normal stuff. i thought after 5 months i could go back to normal activity. once i did that the same back pains came back. i stopped the more impact excercises and do more of the fuctional rehab exercise with lots of core and balance. to end, we are re education the muscles to work together, it is more about the brain then anything. i am planning on 1 year to be perfect. 5 years in pain,and now none

mauro said...

I am about to go for FAI surgery with Dr. Sampson in San Francisco. Do you guys have any good rehab plan that could be shared? Having gone through PT prior to my decision to undergo surgery, I have not found good PT with FAI knowledge. I live in LA.

james said...

go to, under patient services then PT, is his pt therapy for hips, take it slow, ice and stretch.

Anonymous said...

I've never posted any comments on this page before but I am 17 years old experiencing much of the same issues that you have stated. I've had hip pain for almost 6 years and had surgery last December. The doctor said I had a Labral Tear in my hip joint. But here I am, 8 months after surgery feeling the same pre-surgery pains with a few additions (such as back pain).

I've been doing a lot of research on the Psoas Muscle and I am really beginning to believe that it is an 'angry psoas' that's causing all my problems.

I have become very discouraged to find that Physical Therapy is the only solution to my pain. I have done SOOO many years of physical therapy with no improvements. I have also gotten shots in my hip joint as well as tendon with not much relief. Can you explain to me what the "Psoas Release" was that your doctor performed? It could be the answer to my prayers!

Anonymous said...

Myofascial massage directly on my psoas by a myofascial certified professional (John Barnes certified) was the only thing that has given me relief. My symptoms were like all of yours! The scar tissue leads to chronic issues. Myofascial release will get rid of that scar tissue. Then the stretching and strengthening can really make a difference once that fascia is loosened up.