Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Independence Day

But not for me. I was feeling pretty good this weekend. No hip pain and things seemed normal. I was so confident that I even went for a long walk. Wow, I thought, no hip pain, a little lower back pain but maybe that's because I haven't been walking for awhile. So, I turned to head back home and was actually fantasizing about how I might have been working out too much which contributed to my earlier hip pain and now that I had actually taken some time off maybe it had healed itself. In fact, I went so far as to think if maybe I should call Dr. Philippon's office and talk to them about cancelling or postponing my August appointment. And, while I was off in la-la land, I even thought about not cancelling my appointment and simply going to Colorado to do a little hiking.

Wake-up call for April. . . yes, it's your hip and you aren't doing any such thing. No go . . . by the time I got home, the pain was back in full force including the pain down the inside of my left thigh and the lower back tightness and tenderness. Ugh!!! Even as I tried to sleep last night, it kept reminding me how foolish I had been for even thinking that I had self-cured. Nope!!!

Today - still tenderness in my inside thigh and my back is killing me. Back to the psoas stretch twice a day instead of once and limiting my activity. Do you know how much it pains me to write, "limiting my activity"? This was supposed to be my independence year -- no more hip pain allowing me to plan one adventure after another. ugh!! My adventure this summer is a trip to Colorado to see Dr. Philippon for a diagnosis on my hip. :-(

I am not feeling especially optimistic today and hate to wish my life away but am anxiously awaiting August 4 to hear the plan of attack. I do, however, know in my heart of hearts that if anyone can figure this out and make it work, it's Dr. Philippon. And, spending some time in the mountains in August isn't the worst thing in the world. I just wish it were sooner rather than later. I am not the most patient person in the world.

So, it's back to my summer reading list instead of the mountain bike or road bike. Limited amounts of time in the kayak and wishing for August 4.


olivia said...

I am scheduled to have a labral debridement and possible repair in August. I am a dancer and I am really worried about the rehab. Do you happen to have any tips for ab work without raised knees? I am pretty immobile these days and it is frustrating. Or any suggestions for ways to make the rehab easier? I am traveling (not to Philippon, but from Baltimore to Chicago) and the doctor says I can travel after three days, but a week seems more realistic. Any thoughts?

Thanks for your help and good luck!

Fresh Lime said...

Yikes. I'm headed to surgery with Philippon for labral tear repair next week. Any words of advice or thoughts on how scar tissue can be avoided. Sounds like my worst nightmare and am so sorry you've had such a long recovery this time around.

Christine said...

I, too will be visiting Dr. Philippn in the fall. Just diagnoses with anterior tear of labrum on the right hip. Ran for 20 years, no pain. Then all of a sudden, pain in the groin, sometimes radiating anterior thigh. Up at night, can't walk any miles at all. Grumpy, uncomfortable and pissed-off.
Please keep me posted on your visit. I'm an exercise physiologist and I heard he is the best of the best for labral tears.
Thanks, and best of luck to you!

Kim said...

Coming up soon. Good luck in Vail.

Kim said...

April, good luck in Vail-just a short time away

April said...

All -- thanks for the comments. For those of you who are headed off to surgery - good luck!!

olivia - planks and lots of them for inner core strength. strong abs and glutes will speed your recovery process.

fresh lime - philippon is the BEST and i still have 100% confidence in him. remember - only 5% of patients get scar tissue. It didn't happen on my right side and i didn't do much different this time around. i think it's just how your body reacts. i so wouldn't worry about it. my right side is darn near perfect and i am completely optimistic that my left side will be too.

christine - grumpy, uncomfortable and pissed off -- been there and completely understand. you will be amazed after surgery. you will get your life back and philippon will be your hero too. :-) hang in there!

Kim -- still hoping to meet up with you in Florida next time I am there.

For all of you -- if i can help, answer any questions, give words of encouragement or simply lend a sympathetic ear, feel free to email me at almcz@aol.com or continue to post here.