Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Slowly but surely

The work on my IT band and adductor continues. After a week of rest, stretching, icing, roller and Sharon's mean, mean physical therapy using the Graston Technique, I am beginning to feel better. I no longer have the sharp, mind numbing pain in the adductor when I try to get in the car. Of course, I always freak out a little when I have pains and think that my labrum has torn again or something equally as bad has happened inside my hip but as the real problem begins to improve, I can breathe again knowing that it really is just a muscle issue. And before I leave this topic, let me just comment on the Graston Technique . . it's painful. It made me hold my breath and almost shout out really bad words. Sharon promised that I would feel better after the bruising healed. Yes, it's intense.

So, I started strength exercises again yesterday and still did ok even after laying off for a week. That gives me hope too. I would like to settle into a 3 to 4 day a week work out schedule but wasn't sure that would allow me to maintain my very muscular legs. It appears as though I will do just fine with that.

I am excited to pick up my golf clubs again. I plan to head to the driving range this weekend with a putter and pitching wedge in hand. Will try those for a week or so to make sure nothing else flares up and then continue on. I am hopeful that I can work up to playing 9 holes before it gets too cold here to play. I went to the USGA Senior Open in Indy on Sunday and followed Greg Norman around the course for about 4 hours. If you don't know, Dr. Philippon did his hips early on so I wanted to see if I could detect any limp or hesitation in his swing. Let me just say -- I am hoping that, just by the mere fact that Dr. Philippon has touched both Greg Norman and me with the same hands that some of his ability to hit a golf ball rubbed off on me. He is incredible!!! :-)

It was also very encouraging that I could walk around the course and stand for 4 hours without much hip pain or stiffness. I think because of the IT band issue, I was more tender and stiff than I otherwise would have been but my hip performed fabulously!!

Still working on the glute building (the buns of steel aren't quite there yet), planks for core and lots of leg work. I will get back to the elliptical and rowing machines this week but will make sure they don't aggravate my it band.

Work has been intense and I still struggle trying to find a balance between work, sitting too long in one spot, hip stiffness and working out. I continue to feel inadequate in all areas but I am hoping that this too will pass.

Thanks for all of the comments from hip patients on my blog!! I especially appreciate the words of encouragement as can only be given by a fellow hip sufferer. There is light at the end of the tunnel and I can safely now say that I am sure it isn't a train!


noell blevins said...

slow and steady!!!! You're recovery seems to be right on schedule and I apprecite your wisdom more than you could possibly know!! This process is something only certain people can understand and truly empathize with!! A sisterhood of sorts! Funny where life takes you.. isn't it??

Kim said...

April, so glad to hear you continue to do well. I cannot tell you how many times your blog has sent me to the internet to look up things like IT band and now Graston technique. You are a pro!! My doc says swimming is the best-not much of a swimmer but have been in the pool almost everyday and it really does work on that hip and my glutes-like mad-my pool is not heated and even in FL it is cold so I will have to find a warm pool somewhere.