Monday, September 21, 2009

Time marches on

I realized that I hadn't posted any updates in awhile. There is a good reason for that . . .nothing much has changed since last I posted. I still have intermittent adductor pain. It really doesn't like long walks. If pushed, I will admit that it's somewhat better. The problem is that I really only want to be able to say that it's completely gone. It will only fire up when I have done a long walk and occasionally after an exceptionally exhilarating bike ride but it is still there. Ugh!!! I think Sharon, my pt, saw the desperation in my eyes last Friday and worked diligently to see if she could figure out what's going on. She thinks it is a general hip stabilization/pelvis issue and there are lots of pieces and parts involved so no one group is to blame. I seem to have adjusted my attitude (at least today) and know that I am definitely better off than I was pre-surgery so I'll just keep a positive attitude and let the adductor do whatever it feels like it needs to do. I'll keep doing my workouts, bridging, lunges, squats, monster walks, etc. and see if I can build up all of the other muscles so maybe they can overpower the adductor. The day that this goes away completely, I swear I am throwing a big party!

My travel schedule is firing up BIG time for the entire month of October. I am traveling multiple days every week during the month. It's going to really test my commitment to working out. :-) Hotel gyms can leave a lot to be desired. A treadmill and a bike do not a workout make . . .especially since Dr. P prohibits you from getting on a treadmill. Plan to take my bands and deflate my stability ball to take with me so hopefully that will motivate me.

Still loving my new mountain bike. I need to get home before dark but I continue to stay out too late and end up riding home in the pitch black. Guess a light on the front and back may be necessary. There has been an algae bloom where I usually kayak so I have not been on the water in some time. Hope to get some fall paddling in before winter hits Indiana. Boo!!!

I want to say that, despite the whole ugliness with my adductor, I feel so much better than I did before surgery. I have no regrets and feel like I am very much alive again!! I loved my 40's and I suspect they won't even compare to my 50's with 2 good hips!! Wooohoooo!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi April!
I have found your blog really helpful. I am 8 weeks post-op today. I had a question since you mentioned that Dr. Philippon doesn't allow you to get on a treadmill. I had my labral repair performed by Dr. P's colleague at the Steadman Hawkins Denver clinic. While they follow similar protocols, my doctor has tended to be a little less rigorous than Philippon. That being said, if everything goes according to the recovery plan I should theoretically be able to return to all activity at 3 months, including running. I think realistically it may be longer (closer to 6 months) but I was wondering why you are still forbidden to get on a treadmill at this point in your recovery.


April said...

There is something about the way a treadmill works that Dr. Philippon thinks is hard on hips period. I don't profess to understand it but there is a note in his pt protocols that says he does not recommend treadmills. My impression is that this is not just during recovery but is permanent. Honestly, I have never been a treadmill user anyway so I haven't spent much time trying to understand it or try to figure out how I can. Sounds like you are in a different place though.

Best of luck with your recovery!!

Anonymous said...

Hi April,

Just wanted to hear how the actual hip is doing. Is it stiff when you wake up in the AM or after sitting for a long time? Does it click or pop anymore? Besides the adductor, do you have any other lingering pain or hinderances either from surgery or pre-surgery.

I have a type III tear and only slight pain, but lots of apprehension about doing certain things. I'm considering doing this surgery, but am tenative and hoping it will heal with time.

Would you do it again? Thanks!

April said...

P --

without a doubt, 100% certain I would do this surgery again. I have no pain or stiffness when I get out of bed or up from sitting for a long time. I have some residual adductor issue but I think that's more about how my body actually functions than the surgery. I actually feel like i have my life back and can do ANYTHING i want to do. No hip pain, no clicking, no popping, no feeling like it's going to give out, no limiting my activities because my hip might hurt. So, yes, I would do it again without any hesitation!

Kim said...

April, so glad to hear you are doing so well and keeping so positive. What are you going to do with yourself in the winter? Just spent a whole week traveling for work and with the 13 hour days-no time for working out-this is bad as our rehab is so important-am paying now with the hip stiffness. What a difference our activities make.

tina said...

I'm not sure if you even follow your blog anymore, but will take a chance...I am about 6 1/2 weeks post op labral repair and am also struggling with my adductor muscles. Your blog was encouraging to hear. You are so correct in that you convince yourself it is a failed surgery and worry and worry. Just put a call into my PT, because not sure what to do to avoid aggravating it more. Didn't read all the way back on your experience...but did you have this adductor pain all along since injury...because that has been one of my biggest problems..down to my inner knee.