Sunday, September 27, 2009

The good; the bad; and the great!

The good news - the adductor is subsiding. It only fires up occasionally now as evidenced by my day today. I am enjoying the 30 lbs that I have dropped since the first of the year and it's actually fun to go shopping again. So, with an entire month of client visits looming, I headed out today to the mall to see if I could find some new, funky but business clothes. Had great success at Nordstrom's . .thank you Kate . . and bought 2 complete outfits - 1 gray skirt, 2 shirts and 2 jackets. I thought the mall opened at 11 so I arrived at 11:15 and found that the stores don't actually open until noon so I was a mallwalker for 45 minutes. No problems whatsoever!! Woooohooooo!!!

The bad news -- I saw Sharon on Friday and my TFL's (sorry don't know the official technical term for this one) are inflamed. Sharon's theory is that as I get one set of muscles working properly, I call on another group to step up and do their part and they have to be crabby about it for a little while. Apparently it's the TFL's turn to be crabby and they are. Sharon worked on them for 45 minutes on Friday and I felt much, much better when I left. I can still feel that they are crabby but less so than on Friday and didn't prevent me from doing anything today.

And, when I say doing anything today that would include the bike riding that I did this evening. I headed out on my mountain bike and rode for about 45 minutes hard and then came home and got on my road bike for some serious speed for another 20. Love speed and love the muscles in my legs that let me ride full out. It is thrilling. No issues with any muscles complaining about the bike riding. That's a first tonite. Usually the adductor will fire up a bit when I push the mountain bike but not today. . . not a twinge, a threat of a twinge or anything.

I am THRILLED!!! It's definitely taken me longer than I anticipated but everyone tells me that, since I had hip pain for so long, I am doing really well in getting muscles re-trained. My best advice for anyone who is reading this and contemplating surgery -- do it sooner rather than later before muscle memory becomes difficult to undo. If my own personal memory was as good as my muscle memory, I might be able to find my car keys in the mornings. :-)

It's been 5 months -- I have absolutely no stiffness no matter how long I sit in one place. My hip doesn't feel "full" and my flexibility is starting to come back. If it weren't for the adductors or the tfl's, I would barely know that I had surgery. Love it!!!

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