Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dang it!

For the past two days, I have had a pain . . an annoying inside of my left thigh sort of pain. This morning, it was worse and in fact, occasionally would turn into a sharp shooting down my leg pain. I was ecstatic that I had an appointment with Sharon today. The diagnosis is either psoas or adductor but let me just say . . it's painful!!! Sharon did some trigger point release work on it today and it just about brought tears to my eyes. It definitely made me break out in a sweat. So tonite it's incredibly tender and complaining loudly about having been poked this afternoon. I can feel it all the way through to my back. BIG :-( I did some adductor/abductor machine work at the gym yesterday. I am thinking that maybe it was slightly inflamed and I just did it in. I don't know. I, of course, want Sharon to tell me exactly how it happened so as to prevent it in the future. She, of course, can't. :-) Deep down I know that but by now you all know that I want answers to everything period.

The good news today . . . I did 200 lbs on the leg press and moved to lunges without holding onto anything. Definitely stronger and my balance has improved tremendously. Why then must I suffer with this dang psoas/adductor thing???? Grrrrr . . .

And, I am about to start traveling for the week so my workouts will be harder to get done and I am admittedly not as disciplined about getting everything done while on the road. Coming back to work after being gone for 7 weeks, jumping into a finalist presentation and trying to get caught up with all of my normal work all the while trying to stay up with physical therapy has been too much for me. My stress level has risen dramatically this week and I am way crabby. I am really frustrated with myself for not making physical therapy a priority . . letting work dictate my schedule instead of taking the time that I needed to get back to 100%.

And, I'm probably feeling a little sorry for myself tonite as my pain level is up a bit down my left thigh and I really thought I was done with all of that. Dang!!!

I am not discouraged in any way shape or form but I do not do well with setbacks no matter how minor or temporary. :-) I want forward progress at all times. Ok, unrealistic I know so I am about to take some good tylenol pm and put my achy body to bed. Maybe tomorrow will be better!!


noell blevins said...

Hills and valleys.... breathe! You're body is still learning how to move with your new biomechanics. At least you have the confidence of knowing nothing is "wrong" in your hip.... this too shall pass!

Denise Bennett-Walls said...

HI. I am happy to hear that you are healing from surgery and enjoying your hobbies. I crave to be there. I have been dealing with hip pain for over a year. Last year I had orth surgery with a local doctor for a torn labrum however it appears it did not work. Everytime I step the pain is still there. A few freinds have recommended Dr. Philippon and I am in the process of getting in front of him. I live in Florida so I am interested to hear how he works with people from out of town. Do you recommend him? Can you share the process you went through with me? I appreciate your time. My Best Denise dwalls@vaco.com

Kim said...

April, hang in there. You are doing great. At 8 weeks while thrilled with the progress-I am no where near you level of activity. You will work it out. You know how work it...it always seems to take priority-but you will find the way to work it all it-I can tell as you are super motivated.

April said...

Denise - I don't know if you went all the way back in my blog or not but I think there's good information about the whole process with Dr. Philippon there. I'll just say that I saw a local os here in Indy and wouldn't let anyone touch my hip except Dr. P. He is without a doubt the best! Awesome staff, incredible pt staff. I wouldn't let anyone else do hip surgery on me. Would be happy to answer any specific questions - almcz@aol.com

louisawb said...

Hi Louisa here from myfaihippain.blogspot.com
Do you have FAI as well as torn labrum? I notice your PT is a total full time job, do you feel that approach helped? What are you going in for next month, the other side?

Please fill me in, so curious, everyones story's different.