Saturday, July 4, 2009

My own Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July everyone. I am having my own personal independence day today because I feel like I have been set free. ;-) I have finally recovered from my stupidity of last weekend thanks to Sharon's help and am feeling really good actually. I did my normal workouts this week, saw Sharon twice and then my NIFS trainer on Friday for good upper body and core workouts. I feel strong and have absolutely no pain whatsoever . . .none, nada, nil.

I had a lovely day yesterday transplanting some flowers and planting some annuals in some flower pots. And then went clothes shopping with Julie. It's so much more fun to buy clothes now that I can pretty much wear anything and look decent in it. Love the core work!! :-) Treated myself to a shopping spree at Whole Foods and got some yummy fresh corn, blueberries and a steak. It made a fabulous dinner last night.

Today is raining in Indy and I am bummed because I really wanted to get out and do some kayaking today. . . not 4 hours worth mind you but an hour or so would have been lovely. Sharon also wanted me to try some light hiking through the park this weekend to see how the hip handles the rough and hilly terrain. The rain seems to be here to stay today so I don't think that's in the cards. In fact, I am having a lovely time sitting on my screened in porch listening to the peaceful sound of rain hitting the roof and the leaves of the trees so today may be my complete and total rest day . .possibly with a movie later. It's supposed to be nice tomorrow so hopefully I can hit the water before I head off to a party.

Next week is going to be all out crazy at work so I am relaxing and de-stressing as much as possible today and tomorrow. I have to head to Des Moines for a site visit with a potential client. A good thing but it will take lots of work to make it happen . . plus I have to fly through O'Hare which is solidly against my travel rules but it was the only way I could get something reasonably priced and at the time that I need to go. Ugh! Since I am flying home on Friday, I have reserved a car at O'Hare so worst case scenario is that I drive 4 hours to Indy. ugh!!!

My sister arrives at some point next week also. She will stay with me for most of July. Unfortunately, I will be traveling most of July. At least she'll be here to take care of my house. :-)

Happy 4th everyone!!

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