Thursday, June 4, 2009

Home again

Shouldn't I be thrilled to be home? Just 7 weeks ago, I was freaking out about leaving here for 7 weeks so it seems I should be ecstatic to be back here . . . but I'm not.

First of all, I am having some hip tightness and I just know that I am missing my range of motion exercises that Lindsay and Laurie used to do. Am I doing too much or not enough? I don't know. Ugh!!

Second, where are the mountains? Seeing mountains every single day was more therapeutic than I can explain. I loved the blue of the sky, the warm days even though it was only in the 60's and the dry mountain air.

Third, why did I pack so much stuff to take with me. It seemed like I would need it all but now that I have it all back home, I have to unpack it and put it away. I took way too much stuff. And then there is the issue of walking around doing all this stuff . . .is that too much for my hip? Will I inflame something that I shouldn't and regret it for days? Will I be making the 911 phone call to Howard Head? :-)

Fourth, I have told you that I am a pressure player . . . I work exceptionally well under pressure. Well, the pressure is off . .. I made this happen. It took me months and months of planning but it all worked and it worked perfectly. I am home now and the pressure of making this work is off except for on-going physical therapy and working out . . which seems minuscule compared to what I have just been through. I feel a little lost.

I have made an appointment with a physical therapist but I can't get in until June 15 because she is on vacation. I am on my own until then and am feeling like the bottom has dropped out of my therapy right now. I know it's because I had Lindsay and Laurie and saw them every day and I know that everything will be fine because I can do lots of things on my own but it still leaves me a little shaky. I am off to NIFS today and tomorrow and hopefully that will give me a boost of confidence as I do much of this myself.

I am back to work on Monday and am looking forward to seeing everyone there. Being back in a work routine will help me assimilate back into a "normal" life so that will be good.

I will continue to update my blog with my progress and my experience with physical therapy here versus Vail for all of those who are fellow hip patients and are curious about my experience.

Back Home Again in Indiana!!

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AMP10Q said...

welcome home. Now the pressure is on to cope with reality- reality stinks! We've missed you at work!