Sunday, June 7, 2009

Time flies when you are having fun

So it's Sunday evening and I am headed back to work tomorrow. Seems it was just April 17 and I was having a total meltdown over leaving for 7 weeks. All the things that seemed so important then have been long forgotten . . . I shaved my own legs and polished my own toenails. My grass got mowed, my mail got picked up and sent on to me and I was able to pay all of my bills thanks to the miracle of online banking. It all worked; actually, it worked perfectly.

The hip -- again me making mountains out of molehills -- I just knew that I would be lost without Lindsay and Laurie but I seem to have managed ok. Lindsay gave me a list of exercises and I have dutifully followed them to a "t". I can't ride my bike until week 7 (Thursday) and it was beautiful this weekend and it almost killed me not to . . .but I didn't. I know better. I have seen what happens when someone decides not to follow their best advice. I will wait until next weekend and then I will ride with a huge smile on my face and people will wonder what I am up to.

I saw Kathy on Saturday and she did stretching and range of motion with me. It helped tremendously. She also beat my very stubborn adductor into submission so I felt really good this weekend. I plan to see her a couple more times before I see my new physical therapist on June 16. I am hoping that will keep me on track. I am also scheduling a standing weekly appointment with my personal trainer so she can continue to push me too. I swear I will be in great shape at 50 if it kills me. :-)

I still miss the mountains. I would be severely bummed if I didn't have another trip already planned out there at the end of July. I have completely adjusted back to life in Indy but I long for the mountains.

It's still sinking in that I have TWO good hips now. My left hip is completely pain free . . I just need to get all of the muscles in line but I know that will come with time and effort. I make some progress every single day now and I haven't had a bad day in awhile. Very encouraging!!

So, now my focus becomes what I am going to do and where I am going to go. The possibilities are endless!!

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