Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New physical therapist

Yesterday I had my first appointment with a physical therapist here in Indy. I was nervous and slightly apprehensive because I didn't think that anyone could really compare with Lindsay and Laurie. I can also be really picky about people. Ugh!! I am very happy and pleased to say that my new PT is AWESOME!! She totally gets it, is a stickler for details and is excited to learn about my surgery and what was done to get me where I am right now.

I am also pleased to report that she did some strength and flexibility assessment and thinks that I am pretty strong. Yipppeeee!!! I thought so too but it is really nice when a professional confirms it. She changed up some of the exercises that Lindsay sent me home with . . . definitely made them harder . . . and promises that I will be really strong when I go back to Colorado to see Dr. Philippon the end of July. I am seeing her twice a week for several weeks and then once a week since I am good about working out on my own.

My hip feels really good. Still some stiffness when I sit too long at work but otherwise I feel better than I have felt in a long, long time. No hip pain whatsoever, my adductor issue has finally calmed down and all of the muscles that need to be working are actually working. It's fabulous. And, I have to say, in the big scheme of things, this has happened really really fast. Tomorrow will be 8 weeks from surgery (seems like yesterday and years ago at the same time). My new pt was definitely impressed at my fitness level being 7 1/2 weeks out from surgery. I know I owe it all to the incredible staff at Howard Head. When I had my right hip done 6 years ago, I was still walking with a cane at my 6 week check up with Dr. Philippon. This time has been so different. I didn't lose nearly as much muscle after surgery and it has helped me in the recovery so much I can't even explain.

The other funny story from yesterday -- she asked me to lie on my stomach and lift my leg, one at a time, straight up. Of course, I have been well trained by Lindsay and Laurie to fire my glute first to lift my leg which is exactly what I did. She sort of half screamed that most people don't do that and she was giddy that I did it correctly. I, of course, had to explain that I have been trained like a Labrador Retriever for the past 8 weeks by Lindsay and Laurie. :-) She and I are going to get along fine.

So, here's to buns and abs of steel. Woohooo!!!!

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