Saturday, June 27, 2009

Life is Good!!

So, we were notified yesterday that we made the final cut!! We are hosting a site visit at our home office on July 10. I was told that it will be Relationship Manager versus Relationship Manager . . . bring it on!! Are you kidding me . . after all I have been through in the past 8 weeks I can certainly face down another relationship manager with a competitor. And, add to that, I have the best team in the industry with me. We will be hard to beat!

Ok, so the hip -- if I haven't said it lately -- I love Dr. Philippon, Lindsay and Laurie . . not in the weird stalker way . . but in the . . you gave me my life back way. I saw my Indy pt yesterday. She has again amped up my exercises -- i am now using 135 lbs on the leg press, doing one leg lunges with my knee all the way to the floor and spending 3 grueling sets on the hip machine. My legs are shaky when I leave but I am strong, strong. No hip pain whatsoever. The tightness is really starting to abate . . even when I sit too long and first stand up, it is easier to unstiffen (is that a word). I know I wanted all of this within 2 weeks of surgery (ha!) but it seems to be coming blazingly fast now. And, the absolute best part --- NO PAIN! not a twinge, not a shooting pain, not an inkling of how my life used to be. The great staff at Howard Head checks in with me periodically to see how things are going. That feels so good since I really feel like they are part of my family now. I still miss them and look forward to seeing them again at the end of July. I hope I am in rockin shape by then so they will be proud of what they put in motion.

So, today is a killer workout at NIFS and since it is sunny and beautiful here how can I resist throwing my kayak on the water for a few hours. If you can't tell, I am loving my life right now!! The only down side -- work is crazy and I spent my Friday night working instead of playing. :-( It's temporary and since I love what I do, it doesn't feel that bad. And, since you all know that I am a tiny bit competitive, being up against another RM will certainly get my adrenaline jumping. Not as much as jumping out of a plane but it will do for now until I can get back to that.

Happy Saturday! I am off to refine these lovely new muscles!! Here's to turning 50 in possibly the best shape of my life.

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Anonymous said...

April, I am so happy for you! You have worked hard and made such progress. You are an inspiration to all us "hipsters." I am now following Noell's blog as I saw that on your blog also. This is a unique problem and surgery and it is so nice to have an inspiration such as yourself. Good luck on your site visit. Going slow but doing okay so I hope I can be one of the positive stories also. Thanks again for sharing.
Kim from Florida