Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Follow-up with Dr. Philippon

I saw Dr. Philippon on Monday for my almost 6 weeks check. And here's the benefit of staying in Vail for as long as possible and working with the fabulous physical therapists at Howard Head -- he was very pleased with my progress. In fact, thinks that I might be a little further along than what he anticipated. We discussed the difference between my hip surgery 6 years ago and this one . . . recovery has been night and day. I know I have joked about Lindsay and Laurie and the things they have made me do but the result at 6 weeks has been so worth it!! At my last hip surgery, I was still walking with a cane at my 6 weeks check-up. Now, I am walking for an hour with no issue and my hip feels strong and stable. I am back to see Dr. Philippon at the end of July but for now he is pleased with both hips so I am free to continue with my pt in Indianapolis.

So, I have a pt protocol with me and have made an appointment with a physical therapist in Indy and am ready to move on .. . . .not really but I don't have a choice. :-) I think I really would be in the best shape of my life if I simply moved to Vail or somewhere nearby and did all of my physical therapy with them. As of now, I am left to my own devices with the exercises. Lindsay was always chastising me for trying to cheat . . . roll a hip up or hold onto the table to make it easier. Who is going to stop me from that for the next couple of weeks? I may indeed undo all of her good, hard work. :-)

I also learned a lesson the hard way about overdoing things. I tried to do too much and am suffering from some awful tightness and pain. Ok, got it. Just enough . . not too much.

So, armed with everything that I have learned over the past 6 weeks and my binder full of notes and pictures I leave Vail for the journey back home.

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