Friday, June 12, 2009

Week 7

And I am officially approved to start riding my road bike. Yippeee!!! I cannot tell you how happy that makes me. So, on the day of week 7, I got on my road bike and rode for my prescribed 15 minutes on a flat surface in low gear. It was mildly satisfying. It would have been exhilarating if I could have ridden flat out for as long as the rain held off but I was warned by Lindsay and felt it best to follow her advice. That being said, I had no pain and it felt darn good to be out on my bike again. Apparently there's a little (ok a lot) work to be done on the quad muscles but I know they will come right back with some coaxing.

So, week 7 . . . the exercises that I left Vail with have become a little easier which tells me that I must be doing something right and I continue to see improvement in my muscle tone. Still a ways to go but it is definitely improving. I finally see my new physical therapist on Tuesday and am looking forward to having her work on range of motion as I just can't seem to do everything myself.

I am struggling a bit at work in sitting too long at a time. I stand up and realize that my hip is so stiff that I can barely walk. It's almost like I need to set a timer for myself to remind me to get up and move.

I can't row yet so am buying a new kayak so I can get on the water. I am not allowed to row until week 10 . . . 3 more weeks will kill me so I am doing the next best thing.

I continue to feel better and better! No hip pain, I am stronger and I am thrilled with the results of everything and look forward to my progress each and every day!

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