Monday, June 29, 2009

Ok . . . I'm not 100% yet

I overdid it yesterday. I don't know why I have to do it but I do. So, 45 minutes of biking as hard as I could and 4 solid hours of kayaking wasn't enough so I had to hop back on my bike and ride some hills. It was too much. I don't think there is any permanent damage, of course, but I am stiff and tender today and thoroughly disgusted with myself. I was doing great . . .no pain, little stiffness and certainly no tenderness and then I had to push it. I had surgery 9 weeks ago . . why can't I get that through my head? I see my pt tomorrow and am planning to confess my sins to her to see what she can do to fix me. That's the way I do things . . . I do things that I am told not to and then expect someone else to make it go away. :-)

Ok, so I am good but not perfect yet but it still feels darn good to say that I biked, kayaked and biked again. It has been years since I have been able to do that so the mere fact that I can do it and then complain about it is pretty amazing.

I had dinner with some amazing friends tonite. I am constantly thankful and a bit overwhelmed by my friends. They are supportive, caring and make me laugh more than one person should probably laugh in one evening.

So tonite I am reflecting on my life, where I have been, where I am and where I intend to go. And, the bottom line -- I still feel like I am one of the luckiest girls in the whole world!


noell blevins said...


Yikes... take it easy girlfriend!! I bet it's difficult to find the balance between the excitement of your new hip and the limitations of THE NEW HIP!!

I appreciate that you are always SO positive and helpful when I call you in a nervous meltdown!! Its really tough being in pain everyday and putting a smile on for the world :-)

Keep up the great work and take it easy..


Anonymous said...

Wow April, you are so on target. Today was my first day at work after 6 weeks so I ride my bike in the am before work. Spend 8 hours getting up to speed but mostly sitting at the desk on the phone, email...
8.5 hours later leave, help with dinner prep do a little weights/bike and decide after dinner to do more. Go online, read your blog and decide-OK ENOUGH FOR TODAY. But I totally GET IT! You are feeling strong and want to do it all-you now know to pace yourself so you can have a long and healthy lifestyle. After all, you have to make that UT trip. Keep up the good work and thank for continuing to share. Even with great family and friends, for me I realize it is hard to those who have not been through this to understand it really. I have a good friend going through her 2nd episode of bladder cancer and feel so stupid sometimes when we talk about my hip-but this stuff is life altering also in a big way. Keep up the good work. I almost died when I read the 4 hours of kayaking-I am just going to die!!! Kim