Tuesday, April 7, 2009

15 days till surgery

Today I got a phone call from a coordinator at the Howard Head Sports Medicine facility. They have sent me a very thorough email outlining all of the requirements for therapy. Looks like I will be quite busy. She left a message on my cell phone and laughed when she said I would be surprised how much physical therapy protocols have changed since I had my last surgery 6 years ago. It was sort of an evil laugh. There are also multiple instructions to bring an extra gym bag to the hospital to pack all of the post-op braces, instruments and assorted "things" that will need to go home with me. I think I am beginning to understand the evil laugh. I did read an article today that said A-Rod was spotted in Vail 2 weeks after surgery without crutches. That would truly be my dream come true . . .not spotting A-Rod without crutches mind you . . .me being without crutches after two weeks!! In the post-surgery instruction manual, there is also a reference to having an occupational therapist come by to teach me how to dress and go to the bathroom. Ok, now what's up with that???? It's hip surgery . .what exactly happens while I am under???? Do I forget how to dress myself and go to the bathroom? Mitchell - get the Depends.

So yesterday I said that I am having a major freak out over the waking up after surgery part and have promised myself to stop focusing on that and look forward to all of things that I will be able to do again after surgery. So, here's my initial list of things:

1. go for a long walk with buzz
2. spend a weekend kayaking down a lazy river and camp on a sandy beach
3. plan my canyoneering trip for next spring/summer
4. sleep without waking up when i move my leg wrong
5. spend all sunday cooking
6. yard work
7. learn to snowboard or ski
8. plan a trip to use up some frequent flier miles
9. spend 2 days walking through the St James art fair with my sister
10. buy some new clothes

I am feeling a little apprehensive but ready to get it done and move on to having my life back!!!

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