Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Road to Kansas City

Ugh! I hate long car rides. I am good for about 2 hours and then I get very fidgety and find it hard to contain myself. Today was no exception. Add to that running into a sign in the middle of Missouri that read "Accident - I-70 CLOSED at 115 mile marker". I won't actually repeat here what I said and immediately started looking for an alternate route. A GPS is good for lots of things . . finding a way around a closed interstate is not one of them. Luckily, I pulled off to get gas and found a very helpful gas station attendant who sent us to Jefferson City and then on to Kansas City . . .not exactly a direct route but it worked. And, for some cheap entertainment along the way . . I found a sign outside a gas station/bait shop that read "Minners". It still makes me giggle. For those of you without relatives in southern Indiana -- what they really meant to write was "Minnows". :-) And, THAT my friends was the highlight of the trip.

Had some really great Kansas City Bar-b-Q for dinner - Arthur Bryant's. It's a hole in the wall but the pit cook has been doing it there for almost 50 years. He's experienced and it shows. Very tasty.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with a client and then driving across Kansas. Yikes!! Hopefully staying somewhere around Denver tomorrow night and then heading on to Vail on Tuesday.

I was hoping to take a picture of the "minners" sign today but somehow my camera battery is dead so I couldn't. I am charging it tonite in case I find another equally entertaining photo op tomorrow.

I came close to a couple of melt downs today -- one when I pulled out of my driveway and one when I said good bye to my parents -- but I managed to pull it together, take a deep breath and drive west. I actually feel good about things right now and am looking forward to seeing the mountains. Spring in the mountains . . .does it get any better than that?

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