Sunday, April 5, 2009

Two weeks before I leave

Ahhhh Sunday morning . . mostly a time for some serious peace and quiet but not the case this morning. Remember that I said I had been having no hip pain . . . HA!!! So, as typical, I did yard work yesterday for about 3 hours which appears was about 2 hours and 59 minutes longer than my hip could stand. I guess in a way it's ok. At least now I can say, with 100% confidence, that I am ready to get to Vail and get this over with. In fact, I am even going to start packing today to make sure I get all of the things that I will need for 7 weeks away from home. Which, in fact, brings up an interesting question . . . what exactly will I need for 7 weeks away from home?? If I sit and think about the coordination of all of this, I will have a complete and total freak-out, meltdown so I don't. I just plug away one step at a time.

Still no word on whether or not the physical therapy facility is a PPO with my health insurance. I am hoping to get a final answer on that on Monday so I can go to Plan B if necessary.

I also get to go have even more blood drawn tomorrow morning. Yippee!!! I think that will take care of all of my pre-op testing though.

I still need to notify all of the neighbors that I will be missing for some time and ask for their help in insuring that some, nice family doesn't take up residence in my house . . . a la The Visitor for those movie buffs. I also need to get my car in for the "please do everything you can to make sure it doesn't strand me in the middle of Kansas" check-up.

Ok, must stop now and get a whole list of things done.

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