Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The countdown continues

Today is Tuesday and my time is running short. Since I always work better under pressure, I am actually starting to get things accomplished. I have brand new tires on my car, I have an appointment to get the oil changed and the car checked out before I drive 1200 miles and I have a stack of things that need to go with me.

Vail Valley Medical and Howard Head Sports Medicine has also kicked into high gear. Apparently there is a magical number of a week away from surgery that causes them to call with some frequency to get you on the "plan". Now, let me assure you that I am VERY good with that. It gives me great comfort to know that someone else is thinking through details other than me. :-) I talked to a lovely person named Chelsea today who is the patient coordinator for physical therapy. I confirmed that I will be staying out there for 6 weeks of physical therapy and she applauded. She said that half of her job these days is convincing people to stay longer than absolutely required. She explained that Dr. P has a fairly intense therapy schedule but it is tried and true and told me that I will have a much easier recovery by staying out there rather than trying to coordinate it from Indy. Yipppeeee!! And just to show how truly organized they are: here's my own personal schedule - on Wednesday, April 22, I arrive for a PT assessment at 9:20. At 10:00 I have an MRI. At 10:30, I see Dr. Philippon and his surgical staff. Chelsea told me that he is doing 3 surgeries that day and will determine who goes in what order after he assesses all of us. There is a chance, if I am last, that I will spend the night in the hospital. Boo!! If I am released on Thursday, I will come and have a PT session before I leave the hospital. If I spend the night, I will see them at 8:20 on Friday morning. Starting on Saturday, April 25 and continuing through May 31, I will have PT every day at 11:20 and 4:30. I keep thinking . . . flat stomach and great legs. :-)

I promise to post pictures so you can see the progress I am making.

I will close tonite with a giant THANK YOU to all of my friends who are doing their best to keep me calm and focused on the end result. I appreciate you more than I can ever tell you.

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you can do it baby ... go kick butt in Vail