Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I always forget how much I love Colorado and equally hate driving across Kansas to get to Colorado. I think it took us 3 days to drive across Kansas yesterday. It was incredibly windy so you had to fight with the car every step of the way.

We did one fun thing before we left Kansas, however. I found a fun, very old, drive-in called Bobo's who claimed to have the best burgers and onion rings so, of course, we had to check it out. It's in Topeka, KS so it was a good stop for lunch after my meeting in Kansas City. Indeed, their burgers and onion rings are hard to beat. The funniest thing though was that there was a very odd man who appeared there, very nicely dressed with a hair-do that could rival Donald Trump. As he went inside and then came back outside to his car no less than 8 times, we noticed that he was obviously impaired. In fact, I think he was coming back and forth to his car while waiting on his food to have more of whatever was making it difficult to stay upright and walk in a straight line. Mildly amusing and trust me -- when driving across Kansas, you'll look for anything to amuse yourself!!

On our way to Vail today. An easy drive. We are just outside of Denver so it's probably less than 3 hours to Vail. Have to find the house, a grocery store and get everything ready. The big countdown to surgery has arrived. Tomorrow is my day of appointments with the physical therapists and Dr. Philippon. My heart starts to pound a bit as I even type that. I didn't sleep very well last night because I had dreams all night about surgery and the things that were going wrong. Yikes!! More Fat Tire ale tonite I think will be the solution for that. :-)

And, as soon as we started climbing in altitude, the headache arrived. I always struggle with adjusting to altitude and this time seems to be no exception. I am hoping that, with lots of water, it will magically disappear. I can't take aspirin because I am too close to surgery so I will have to tough it out. :-(

My hip is screaming from the long car ride and my lower back desperately needs Kathy so I think I can still convince myself that I need this surgery.

That being said . . . off to Vail!


Anonymous said...

Wishing you as little pain as possible, April, and sending lots of high energy thoughts your way. -Grace Worley

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I think the Trump look alike has a great idea...if the restaurant you choose does not sell alcohol...then by all means keep a stash in your car...BRILLIANT...

Glad you made it to Colorado!

Kate in MN