Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My home away from home for 6 weeks

For all of you in Indiana and other flat places, eat your heart out . .. here's my reward for having hip surgery . . . my home away from home is only gotten to by driving up a mountain adjacent to a national forest. The picture window looks out over the forest and the mountains but the best part is the deck . . . . I was sitting out there a few minutes ago drinking a very fine glass of wine and saw a fox hunting just a few yards away. Ok, I know I am about to have surgery but this certainly takes some of the "sucky" factor away.

We went to the grocery store today and got easy to fix food and are now about to go out for dinner in Edwards. It's a very cute little mountain town. We ventured out to Avon today and got groceries at Walmart and went to get some beer. For you beer lovers - I bought New Belgium Pale Ale. The clerk at Beaver Liquors recommended Odell 90 Schilling after he saw what I was buying. Guess I may have to try that also . . . eventually . . . well after vicodin and crutches. :-) Maybe my very nice sister will pick some up on her way up to see me next week if she makes it up the mountain.

It's amazing what the mountains can do for my state of mind. Today I am pretty relaxed and at peace with what is about to come. Tomorrow at 9:20, I get plugged into the Philippon process and all I can do from there is cooperate and let the expert do his thing. Deep breath, find my happy place which seems to be in Colorado and a big smile. Life is good!

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Anonymous said...

Why is I am envisioning a scene from the movie Working Girl, in which Sigourney Weaver is lying in a hospital bed being catered to by all of the ski instructors in the vicinity....