Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I love pressure

What is it about me that makes me put everything off to the last possible minute, fret about it and then suddenly kick into high gear and get it all done? When the chips are down and things HAVE to be done and there is no time to get them done, I think more clearly, know exactly what to do and do some of my best work. The other thing that's weird is that it actually relaxes me. So tonite, having had one of my most productive days, I am relaxed, happy and ready to get to Vail.

The other thing that I realized today is how truly important friends and family are because, just like me under pressure, when I really need them, they totally kick in and are there for me. It makes me feel like I am the luckiest girl alive. So, thanks everyone!!

And, now the hip update. What I don't think I have actually written about in any great detail is the lengths I have gone to in my head to try and convince myself that I really don't need this surgery. In fact, on Tuesday as I was walking through my house, I decided to cancel surgery because I was having no hip pain. Dr. April decided that, with all of the exercise and building of quad muscle, I had built up enough support to carry a torn labrum without having it fixed. Well, apparently my hip had it's own evil plan. I went shopping downtown tonite for last minute things -- more yoga pants, capris and loungewear as well as athletic shoes that slip on -- so I walked a bit more than I have been doing. Let me just say . .the hip is bad and needs to be fixed. In fact, it's currently throbbing just to make sure that I got the message loud and clear and so there will no further fantasies of canceling surgery. Ok. . .got it!

So, one week from tonite, I will be enjoying my last dinner thinking about what's to come. I also realized tonite that I will be spending 6 weeks working out twice a day every single day. It almost feels like I am going to a fat farm or leading the life of a hollywood starlet getting ready for a bikini scene in a movie. I've never worked out twice a day 7 days a week for 6 weeks ever in my life. What is the potential here??? Well, we're about to find out. Yippee!!

The adventure begins Sunday morning around 8:30 am when we pack and car and hit the road. Whatever is undone at that point stays undone until June and my focus will be looking forward onto bigger and better things.

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