Tuesday, May 12, 2009

6 hours of physical therapy

Will wear a girl out!! I started with 20 minutes on the bike, Lauri had me do many different stretches, isometric exercises and then worked on range of motion with my hip. It was immediately off to the pool for an hour of aqua jogging, laps with a kick board and then walking against the current in the lazy river. Then time to run to the grocery store for a quick bite to eat and immediately back to physical therapy for 20 more minutes on the bike, some new glute strengthening exercises and lots more stretching and range of motion for my hip. I started at 9:30 this morning and got home at 4:30 this afternoon and other than the driving or running to the grocery store for lunch, I was doing something. Let's just say that I had to take a nap when I got back here today. That could also have something to do with the fact that I still can't sleep through the night. My hip has been so tender that I wake up every time I move. I hope it's just nervousness about the hip which will ease with time and I will finally sleep more than 4 hours. This is getting really old!!

The good news -- I am walking much better now. Sitting will cause my hip to stiffen. . . a lot so I am best up walking around doing something. I feel more shopping coming on tomorrow between physical therapy appointments. No pool tomorrow so I will only have about 4 hours of things. Back to the pool on Thursday.

More good news -- the "boys" didn't challenge me in the pool today. Apparently all the weight lifting and muscle building I did with my legs pre-surgery is paying off. I have strong legs. Maybe it's my big feet that propel me along so quickly. Who knows? I basically think it's just something they have to give me a hard time about. Nick who is a week out of surgery and was at the pool today has the biggest bruise I think I have ever seen in my life. Ok I got the whole ankle thing but at least I didn't get a bruise that covers my entire upper thigh from front to back. Yikes!!

19 days to maximize my physical therapy and get back to Indy. :-)


kliddy-alderson said...

Hi April - I am glad to see you are making progress and are on your way back to good health. Looking forward to another dinner gathering with you and the gang upon your return to Indy. Take good care. ;0)

AMP10Q said...

Keep up the great work. When u get back to work you will have to get a bow flex installed for continued PT