Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 23

This is me at Day 23 still trying to make my muscles get their act together. When Lindsay gets one in line, another one stands up to complain. Today was no exception. Thank goodness for Extra Strength Tylenol! But, I am slightly better and my walk is improved . . .it's not perfect, still a slight limp but I can feel that it's better. Still working on the lazy left glute (stubborn) and adductor muscles. I noticed today that I didn't lose nearly as much muscle tone in my legs this time as I did last. Amazing and encouraging at the same time. I think that is definitely one of the things that is accelerating my recovery. Today after physical therapy we walked and shopped through Lionshead and then came back home to sit on the deck, gaze at the mountains and soak up some intense sun. Ahhhhh . . . very relaxing and very beneficial for my state of mind.

Tonite we are heading out for dinner with Lindsay at Terra Bistro. Again, an upscale Vail restaurant that currently has all entrees 50% off for the locals who remain after all the skiers leave and before the hikers and bikers arrive. Looking forward to an excellent meal and a nice bottle of wine. I am thinking if I buy dinner for Lindsay she might go a little easy on me tomorrow. HA!!!!

Almost all of the hip patients that had surgery at the same time as me are gone. There are a couple of local people who remain and I am starting to feel like one of them. No worries though . .. I am anxious to be back in Indy with my friends and family.

Oh yeah . . . this is Mitch, my nephew who thinks he has the best life a 25 year old could have right now.

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noell blevins said...

Nice pics April!! It seems that your recovery is going very well!!