Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lindsay is back

And my hip feels it. Apparently I have a very tight hip flexor and Lindsay decided that she wanted to try to fix it all in one day. Yikes!!! I am very sore tonite but made tremendous strides at physical therapy today. Lindsay pushes hard and I understand now why it is so good to stay here for rehab. Yesterday I met Debbie, a woman who had surgery exactly 1 week before me. As of today, she is completely off of crutches and Lindsay is teaching her to walk properly. She says she feels great and feels she is making good progress. I am greatly encouraged after today even though my hip is very tender tonite. I have 5 more nights to sleep with all the machinery. Lindsay has instructed me to bring it all in next Thursday morning and I will be done with it. Since I can only sleep about 2 hours at a time with it all on, I am looking forward to turning it in. The only thing that I will continue to use is the Game Ready ice system, my hip brace until Sunday and crutches until I can be confident and strong enough to walk without them.

Speaking of strong, I am sad to report that those lovely muscles that I worked so hard to build pre-surgery are pretty much gone. Even with all the isometric exercises that I do 3 times a day, they are slowly slipping away. :-(

Going to physical therapy is like being part of a big family. All of the hip patients hang together, compare notes, provide encouragement and joke around. I actually look forward to being there. There are a couple of "famous" people there but you would never know it by just talking with them.

And, lastly tonite, a big THANK YOU for my caregivers. I have been an absolute nightmare to take care of . . I know it and I appreciate all you have done for me. I couldn't have done it without you.


Anonymous said...

Hey, April. I'm glad to hear you're getting a good working over :-) It will build character!

I think about you often, although I've failed to keep in touch satisfactorily. I look forward to your return to Indiana! It sounds like you're going to be an even better "Indiana girl in an Indiana town . . ." [T. Petty]


uncle D said...

i'm so proud of your progress, shows you have that mitchell fight in you.

love uncle D