Friday, May 15, 2009

Lazy glute

I am somewhat pleased to report that I am having some success getting my lazy left glute to work. It's still weak and very, very shaky but Lindsay, Lauri and I are forcing it to get off its lazy butt (pun intended) and WORK!! So, the end result and bottom line, my walk is improving. . . it's not perfect . . I still have a slight limp but it's improving and that's all I am asking for at this point. I am back working with Lindsay for the weekend and she is putting me to work on the pilates machines. Yikes!! A good workout but I think I will need more extra strength Tylenol before the weekend is over.

Spring is finally coming to the mountains and it is ever more beautiful here every day. Flowers are blooming, trees are sprouting leaves and the elk migration is in full swing. The sun has been out this week and temperatures have been in the upper 60's to low 70's and it has done a lot to improve my mood. My orders for the afternoon were to walk so we walked around Vail Village today, had a late lunch outside on the patio of La Bottega and did a little shopping. My hip was tight but definitely endured . . even with a slight limp. Yippee!!

I am past the halfway point and now, of course, starting to panic about how short of time that I have left and how much there is left to do. I am hoping for a snowball effect of strength and mobility. Why do I always have to worry about something???

Thanks to everyone who has called, emailed or texted. You keep me positive and moving ahead!!

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Jay B said...

Nobody likes a lazy glute! :)