Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What happened to nice Lauri???

Today Lauri was back at work and Lindsay is off so I am seeing Lauri until Saturday. Ok, so last week Lauri was really very gentle and didn't push my limits. Something has happened to Lauri . . . she pushed me harder today than Lindsay did over the weekend and I swear she's much stronger than she was last week. Yikes!! But seriously, I am making tremendous progress thanks to both Lindsay and Lauri and I feel stronger and more confident each day. Today Lauri instructed me to shift more of my weight to my left side as I walk with crutches. Scary at first because it feels like my leg isn't going to support me but by the end of the day, it was much better and I think I am ready for the next step tomorrow which is 75% of my weight to the left. Progressing toward giving up the crutches. I am psyched!! Also starting to do more isometric exercises to prepare the muscles to walk again. I start pool therapy on Thursday which will also help strengthen the muscles to help me walk.

A whole new batch of hip patients showed up in pt this afternoon sporting their post surgery nausea tubs. There was one woman who was having a particularly rough time who stopped to talk with me on her way by. I assured her that it only gets better from here although I didn't tell her that I had a really, really rough first week. . . maybe she won't. Again, it makes me realize how far and how fast I have come. . . largely due to the incredible staff at Howard Head sports medicine. I continue to be amazed and impressed.

Vail is a beautiful town. . . even in mud season. As soon as ski season ends, many of the local restaurants and retail businesses shut down for some time. . .most reopen mid-May. Some stay open and offer incredible deals for the locals . .. 50% off meals including alcohol. So tonite after pt, we went to a restaurant in Vail Village - Sweet Basil. A 3 course meal for $30 and it was a fabulous meal. The funniest thing happened though . . we had a table up front by the window. I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and looked up to realize that a red fox was trotting down the street carrying his dinner in his mouth. How many times in your life have you ever even seen a red fox let alone trotting down the street of a resort town? It was so incredibly cool! The waiter said that last season the owner looked up one evening to see a bear standing in between the double glass doors. Yikes!! I am glad it was a fox not a bear. I might have freaked.

Two more nights to sleep with all the equipment and my feet and knees tied together. I am really looking forward to giving all of that up too . . almost as much as getting off of crutches. I am sleeping about 5 hours at a time now which is much improved from the initial 2 hours at a time. I have a better attitude about everything now and am much more relaxed. It finally feels good to be working this hard.

I still have another hour in the continuous passive motion machine tonite and another 20 minutes of icing my hip in the game ready machine. More tomorrow as I continue to leave crutches behind!!


Anonymous said...

Pool Therapy??? Do they serve umbrella drinks?

Kate in MN

Anonymous said...

What's that old saying about adversity building character..? This sounds like great progress that you achieved. Well done. Now that you are getting some sleep and not so crabby I will post a note. I am sure that crutches and the motion machine are REALLY bad so glad you are moving to the next phase of your rehabilitation. You will be home before you know it.

noell blevins said...

I am so happy to find your blog! I am a "pending" surgical patient of Dr. P's. I am waiting for that ever elusive phone call with surgery dates and details. I am feeling less anxiety by reading your blog, as I have NO idea what to expect. I am a tri-athlete/runner... exercise is my job and I am freaked out! PLease feel free to check my blog out at :
I would truly appreciate any wisdom you can pass on to me about this process. I live in Denver and was surprised to hear you are staying in Vail for post-op PT...is that normal?
PLease feel free to email me as well so maybe we can talk sometime!
Thank you in advance!