Friday, May 8, 2009

Learning to walk again

Isn't all that easy. Yikes!! I tried to be off of crutches all day today but my hip kept feeling really tight and a little wobbly. Lauri is not to be deterred, however, and made me do several balance on my left leg only exercises today. Don't get me wrong. . . it's definitely helping me get my strength and balance back but it is HARD!! We are also working on my glutes . . and yes, they do need help. Making muscles work and work differently than they did 15 days ago can certainly be challenging.

Two more days of wearing my brace and tying my feet together at night. I think I am going to tie my knees tonite with a theraband because I don't think my feet can take much more. It should have the same effect of not letting my hip roll out so I am going to give it a try tonite. Ugh!! I will be so glad when this part is over too. I took my last anti-inflammatory today so I am officially off all surgery meds now. Hoping that I continue to see progress and I am sure I will.

Lindsay will be back this weekend and I will see her Sat, Sun and Mon. She always seems to push a little harder and make me do more than I think I can. We start gentle external rotations this weekend (this has been absolutely forbidden . .. thus the hip brace and tying my feet together) so this should be a little scary.

Had a fabulous dinner tonite at Montauk. It is off season in Vail so the restaurants that are still open have fabulous deals. Montauk is a seafood restaurant that offers 51% off of your meal. Yummy!! I had some nutritious salmon tonite. I saw 2 other hip patients in there with me. We, of course, all had to come say hello to each other and offer words of encouragement. It really is like one big family here.

I had a sad moment today thinking about how much longer I have to be here. I am slightly homesick and ready to be home. I had to suck it up and focus on the real goal again. I suspect that more of those may come as the time winds down but we'll see. It's supposed to rain this weekend and I think that always affects my moods a bit. I am ready for warm weather and the Indy 500. Not to be this year. :-( Oh well . . . Lindsay this weekend and I am sure I will be walking better by Sunday!!

Lindsay and Laurie tease me because I push so hard and want to do so much more. Today I was bugging them again about strength training and getting on a bike outside. I have been politely told that is not until week 6. :-( I should know better than to push them because, in return, they push me back. I may indeed have buns of steel when I leave this place. :-)

And, Noell, I was thrilled to talk with you today! I will definitely call you tomorrow and answer any questions you might have. My bottom line to you -- I have my life back in a way that I haven't had before and it is the best thing that could have ever happened to me!! So hang in there and listen to Dr. Philippon. He is the BEST!!!

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