Monday, May 11, 2009

They won't all be good days.

So yesterday I had a bad day . . . a really bad day. It's the whole "make the right muscles work and the other muscles stop" thing. So, my body's reaction to trying to make that happen was to lock up. Progress came to a complete halt and I had to go back to walking with a cane. In fact, I had to take a muscle relaxer and vicodin last night just to get everything to relax and quit throbbing long enough to go to sleep. It was not a good day! My ankle was throbbing, I was frustrated and my body rebelled. It was not pretty.

Today, however, I had a good day. The muscle relaxer did it's work and I awoke feeling a little more limber. Lindsay stretched and stretched and got me to walk again by this afternoon. It took great effort on both of our parts but we made it work. In fact, I had about an hour between a conference call and my last physical therapy appointment so I went to Lionshead and went shopping. I was under strict orders from Lindsay not to sit . . I have to walk every 20 minutes to keep my muscles from getting lazy or locked in place. The great thing about Vail in early May -- sales and absolutely no crowd!! I found a great bargain on a pair of capri pants at the Patagonia store. I am not sure that I have mentioned this but I have lost weight since I got out here. Surgery, drugs and working out 4 hours a day have taken a toll on my appetite so I would guess I have dropped somewhere between 5 and 10pounds. I am not complaining . . I bought a whole size smaller than I wore when I came out here. Seems I may have some shopping to do when I get home.

So, today I am encouraged again. I have two physical therapy appointments tomorrow as well as pool therapy. I will spend about 6 hours tomorrow working my hip. I am hoping that walking will come easier after all of this. The boys who will be going to the pool with me tomorrow were already trash talking today. I plan to kick both of their butts tomorrow. ;-)


noell blevins said...

Good days... bad days... thanks for sharing your strengths and challenges. You sound like a tough chick!! I really appreciate your blog and look forward to your postings!

AMP10Q said...

I hope you kicked butt today in the pool and showed those boys a thing or two. Sorry to learn you had a set back but if I know you- it's only temporary. I would hold off on the table dancing for a few more weeks. Shopping sounds like the perfect physical and mental activity especially for the new, sleek you.

sagette van embden said...

My name is Sagette and I have been reading your blog because I am going for hip labrum surgery on june 4th with Dr. Phillipon. I am a swimmer for the University of Miami, I am 19 years old and am nervous and curious about the surgery and I wanted to know if I could chat with you. Would you still be there when I get there? If not, my e-mail address is Please can you let me know if there is anything you can suggest for me to bring, I have never been to vail before and will be there for 2 1/2 weeks.

Thank you very much. Hope you are recovering well.
Sagette Van Embden