Monday, May 25, 2009

One more week

I don't know how it's happened but I only have one week left here before I (if all goes well with Dr. Philippon) head for Indiana. As I looked back through this blog, I was laughing as I read my very early posts where I was obviously freaking out about leaving home for 7 weeks. Funny how things work out. I managed to pack everything that I needed (and more), drive to Colorado, have a successful hip surgery, shave my own legs (except for once) and polish my own toenails. To quote the Grateful Dead, "What a long, strange trip it's been". It's certainly been full of ups and downs but I definitely feel like I have turned a corner on recovery. My walk is consistently good. I still have the occasional sharp pain here or there but even those are becoming less and less frequent. Physical therapy is focusing more and more on strength training rather than just making my hip move . . . a very nice feeling.

Today at physical therapy, the new hip patients (surgery last Thursday) were all very curious as to where I am in the recovery time frame. Lindsay made me do a walk across the room so she could check my progress. I, of course, had to show off a bit and make everyone laugh . .. that's how I know I have turned the corner. I smiled as I told them I was over 4 weeks out because you could see the look of encouragement come across their faces . . or maybe they just want to be able to swing their hips like I did. :-)

I have decided to buy a mountain bike and bring home with me. There are some great bike shops out here with people who spend lots of time riding in the mountains. And, as a bonus, they are all trying to get rid of 2008 inventory in a soft economy. I can't actually ride it yet but will look forward to the day that I can and I think that will motivate me to continue to work really hard at pt. I am also hoping that, since I have been working out at 7500 feet, my cardio endurance will be really good when I get back to Indy.

I will be spending this last week eating at all the great restaurants that I will miss when I come home and spending time with my fellow patients and physical therapists that have become my adopted family. I will miss the mountains and wildlife but am looking forward to getting back to my "normal" life.

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