Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What are these? Muscles?

The benefits of physical therapy are starting to be evident. Of course, they should be. I spent more time today than I care to think about working solely on glutes and quadriceps but lo and behold . . . muscles have magically appeared. Not that I would win any bodybuilding contest or anything like that but I definitely have some bulges that I haven't seen in a long time. It's some consolation as I shake and sweat and pant while trying to hold some impossible position or do some contortionist exercise that Laurie has put me in. I keep concentrating on the end result and try to smile all the while. My muscles are finally cooperating and my walk has somewhat normalized. I still have a little difficulty when I first stand from sitting but I know how to stretch the right muscles to make it easy again.

Lots of hip surgeries happening this week so lots of new patients showing up at pt. It seems forever ago that I was in their shoes and yet it seems like yesterday. I am so happy to be 5 weeks out and working on getting my strength back instead of just trying to survive day to day.

It's peak spring in the mountains and it is breathtakingly beautiful. Everything is green and blooming and all the animals are out. Yesterday, the red fox was just across the street from the house hunting in the tall grass. He/she seemed oblivious to me watching him hunt some small unsuspecting creature for dinner. This morning, on the way to physical therapy, 3 mule deer were standing right by the side of the road grazing on the tasty new grass. There are elk everywhere. The mountain is alive. It's a magical experience.

A few days left before I find out where exactly I am in the recovery process from Dr. Philippon. Until then . . . more pt please.

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