Monday, May 18, 2009


I can finally say, with confidence, that I am starting to make good progress. Now, please don't think that I am about to run a marathon or take off on a mountain bike trail cuz I'm not even close to thinking about that. When I say progress, what I mean is that I can walk across the parking lot and into the grocery store without sort of dragging my left leg behind me like Igor. I still have a very, very slight limp but it is improving day by day. I am encouraged!! I am making more progress in PT each day and my range of motion is improving. Whew!! In case you in Indiana wondered what you heard . . .that's a big sigh of relief!! There is a rowing machine in the PT facility. Every day I ask if I can try it and get a "NO!". I feel like I could benefit from some time on it but completely trust Lindsay when she says that won't come until week 7 to 9. Dang!!! There is a young (turned 20 today) hockey player in pt with me who hasn't listened to instructions. At week 3, he is back on crutches and not doing well at all. I would be scared to death if I were him but he seems too cocky to understand that this is serious stuff. I guess my rowing can wait until week 7 to 9.

My scars are taking some of my focus now. They are big, ugly, swollen, red lumps. I have been told to massage them each day to break down the tissue so they go away. Gladly . . except it really feels creepy under my fingers. They look like something out of a sci fi movie -- I keep thinking that some alien is going to pop out and run around the room.

It has been beautiful here for the past several days. Temps in the upper 70's, blue sky, green but snow topped mountains. Picture perfect!! Too bad I spend so much time indoors. . . .oh well . . . I come home every day and sit out on the deck for an hour or so and just enjoy the scenery and solitude. Quite lovely. Mitch has been running in the very thin mountain air here and seems to be getting into great shape quickly. I think time in the mountains has done both of us a lot of good. For those of you who are wondering, I am shaving my own legs and polishing my own toenails as I could never convince him to do it. :-)

Two weeks from today, I see Dr. Philippon for my almost 6 weeks post op visit. It really doesn't seem possible. I am holding my breath for a good report so I can head home and get on with the remainder of my rehab and enjoying my house for the summer. For all of you in Indy -- we have some celebrating to do this summer!!! This coming Thursday will be 4 weeks post op . . wow!!! My hip socket is as smooth as glass, the muscles are starting to cooperate and I am feeling great! I am hoping that the days continue to improve from here and that I make small but significant improvements every day.



Anonymous said...

I just caught up with your journey April. Sounds like you have quite the experience but looks like you'll be home soon. Your story inspires me to want to get in shape despite my two bad knees and endless other excuses. See you in Indy soon. Melissa Hubler

noell blevins said...

Hi April!! I am so torn right now with this process (no pun intended)!! I feel like I cannot wait any longer and I am unclear what the right thing to do is. Have the surgery down here with someone else or KEEP WAITING! Dr. P's protocol is SO different than most hip surgeons I have consulted with... Is there a light at the end of this tunnel??