Thursday, May 28, 2009

The countdown continues

Never, ever tell your physical therapist that something is easy because she will make sure that nothing, and I mean nothing, else will be for the remainder of the time you spend with her. More time on the pilates reformer machines today. wow .. . they look so easy until you actually try to hold that position yourself for 30 seconds. I am sure that the song, "Shake, rattle and roll", was written about my glutes cuz that's exactly what they do after 3 sets of anything. One leg standing squats, lots of pilates work and stretching exercises that make me think my leg is going to come off are pretty routine. We are starting to talk about what happens and what kinds of things I need to work on with a new physical therapist in Indianapolis once Dr. Philippon releases me. That makes me nervous. I can't imagine placing my continued success in someone else's hands but that is exactly what I am going to have to do. Yikes!!

Ok, I may seem to be complaining but please know that I am not. I have muscles that I haven't had in a long, long time and it feels really good!! I weighed myself today and I lost 3 lbs last week alone. I am probably in better health now than I have been in a long time and it feels really good. My hip is as smooth as glass and, other than the muscles that want to complain, I have absolutely no pain!!! It is marvelous. I love physical therapy . . . .no matter how much they make me wince, complain, sweat or yelp, it is doing me a world of good and I love it!! I am going to miss my Howard Head family. I don't know that they realize how much I appreciate all they have done for me and have been through with me. They are amazing professionals and kind, caring people. Onward and upward. It's time for me to move out.

I am getting nervous about the next steps but I know it's inevitable and deep down I know everything will be fine. I will take an active role in my continuing physical therapy and will be back out here the end of July for a check-up just to make sure everything is still on track. How bad can I mess it up in 6 weeks? :-) I hope to do some hiking in the mountains when I come back. That would certainly be a dream come true and a worthy goal!

So, today is 5 weeks from surgery and I am pleased to report that I have truly turned the corner on getting better. I have pretty much had all good days in a week and continue to make good progress.

:-) <-------- me smiling . . . BIG SMILE!! I am going to have my life back!

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